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About Me

Welcome to my website! Jersey shore-born and North Jersey-raised, I remember having exactly four passions throughout my childhood: food, the communication arts, entertainment, and the color blue.

Wanting to combine my two loves of writing and performing, I thought my dream career would be in the field of broadcast journalism. I began my collegiate career at the University of Pennsylvania as a communications major, but halfway through my sophomore year, I had an existential crisis wherein I realized that the department, though excellent, was too theoretical for me. I changed my major to English, as I always found comfort and inspiration in the written word. And as impractical as English may sound to some, I find writing to be the key to a vast amount of professions.

I graduated from Penn in May 2018, and since then, I've been pursuing several career paths: as an actor, writer, and educator. You can learn more about each of those aspects of me on the other pages here.

I currently reside in Jersey City, NJ, a mere 10-minute subway ride from Manhattan, and I am perpetually on the hunt for the world's best cookies and cream milkshake.

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