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For some reason, I've always found myself attracted to language. I probably just liked to hear myself talk. And my entire life, people have told me that I write like I speak.

In middle and high school, I was an active writer for my school newspapers, and my junior and senior years, I was an editor. My senior year of high school, a friend and I decided to hone our love for theatre and write a full-length musical, Typed, which was presented in September 2013, and raised $4,000 for our school's theatre department. I wrote the book.

My passion for writing only grew, and I spent three years at Penn as a writing tutor.

In the professional world, I have written for outlets and publications including StageAgent, ShowTickets, All About Solo, and the Agora Gallery, among others. I have also worked with others on their résumés and cover letters.

My writing interests lean toward the realm of journalism, but I am more than happy to write about anything in any style. Let me know if you want to collab or if you want to hire me to write for you.

Check out my portfolio here!

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