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Along with my passions for performance and writing, I have cultivated a love for education. I was always that annoying kid who hated summer because it meant no school. Don't worry; I don't feel the same way now.

Naturally, I fell into tutoring friends and family friends in subjects like English, math, and Spanish whenever they needed help.

At Penn, after taking the compulsory writing seminar (I elected to take one on The Great Gatsby, my favorite book. Cliché, I know.), I was selected to be a tutor at the Marks Family Critical Writing Center, where I spent three years mentoring and guiding undergraduates of all disciplines through perfecting style, reasoning, tone, and grammar in their essays. And one of my summer jobs was as a writing and performing arts instructor at a summer enrichment program for middle school-aged children.

My first "real world" job was as a senior college applications consultant for CollegeVine, a completely virtual position for which I served as a one-stop-shop for all things college for high school seniors and for which I navigated juniors through the notorious spring semester. I worked directly with students who gained admittance to top-tier schools including Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Emory, Johns Hopkins, and WashU. And needless to say, I became a pro at working with students on college essays. For my second applications cycle, I was a cohort leader, serving as the point person for approximately ten other employees at the company with the same position. You can also check out a short webinar I hosted about getting to Penn through CollegeVine here! Then, I was a writing coach at Prompt, a company that provides comprehensive reviews for college applications essays, and a senior applications advisor for, once again guiding students through all stages of the college applications process. Now, I'm the advising manager at Great Minds Advising, a Westchester County-based company that advises high school students through their entire high school careers, up to and including the college apps process. In addition to carrying my own student load, I train new advisors to ensure they understand the college applications and admissions processes and that they're ready to take on their own students.

I also currently tutor for a company called Carnegie Hill Test Prep. With Carnegie Hill, I prepare students for all sections of the SAT and ACT, and I tutor high school English, math, and biology at all levels. I am also working with the CEO of Carnegie Hill to develop a college applications program.

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